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Loft conversion jargon buster

As the home improvement project that tends to involve the most structural work, it is no surprise that loft conversions involve a lot of technical terms and design features that can be difficult to wrap your head around. Here at Opun we believe in simple, honest communication between experts and homeowners; we hope this jargon buster will go some way to bridging the gap between the two.

Need 2 know - loft windows

Presenting incredible views of the world outside your loft and serving as a pivotal component of the external aesthetic for your entire property, it is vital you pick the right loft windows. Of course, the ideal loft should combine aesthetic beauty with practicality and, above all, a guarantee of safety. With this guide, we hope to help you make a decision about the right windows for your loft. Here’s what you need to know:

How to survive: a loft conversion

Making good use of that extra space in your loft sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But is it worth the hassle? Loft conversions can be one of the most cost effective and rapid ways to add considerable floor space (and value!) to your home. However, starting any major home improvement project might mean opening up your home to chaos and mayhem. We've pulled together a short β€˜survival guide’ to navigate your loft project to a dream completion and avoid any nightmares.