How to brighten up a dark hallway

Hallways and corridors (is there a difference?) are known as 'transitional spaces' by interior designers, and other home improvement buffs as they are often areas that we spend little time in, only ventured through to move from one part of the home to another, rather than being a destination in themselves. 

5 tips to get started using Opun Planner

It doesn’t matter if you’re just fantasising about the improvements you’d like to make to your home, or you’re seriously planning to renovate or extend it. Visualising the changes you'd like to make can be a bit tricky. Sure, you can look through different furniture and appliance brochures to help you to picture how these items would look in the space, but how do you know that they will actually look good pieced together?

Know your styles: Minimalism 

Minimalism, is one of those terms that despite referring to a specific style movement, can be incorporated into just about anything — the Wikipedia article describes it as “In visual arts, music, and other mediums, minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements.” However, when people start talking about minimalism when applied to interior design...