How to survive: a loft conversion

Making good use of that extra space in your loft sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But is it worth the hassle? Loft conversions can be one of the most cost effective and rapid ways to add considerable floor space (and value!) to your home. However, starting any major home improvement project might mean opening up your home to chaos and mayhem. We've pulled together a short ‘survival guide’ to navigate your loft project to a dream completion and avoid any nightmares.

How to live in harmony with your builder

Even if your DIY skills are en pointe, you can’t always go it alone. Whether you’re refitting the main bathroom, fancy an extension on the kitchen, or want to put some decking in the garden, sometimes it’s best to let the professionals take care of the hard graft for you. 

Which ‘improvements’ can damage property value?

All in all home improvements are great, they can make your home bigger, brighter and just generally better, with no need to up sticks and move. Of course, another advantage is that fixing up your place could increase its value, letting you sell it on… and well up sticks and move to a home that’s bigger, brighter and yeah… just generally better.