How to revive your tired deckingย 

If you had your decking installed many years ago, it could be looking pretty sorry for itself by now. It may even be so bad that youโ€™re considering ripping it up. Not so fast. Youโ€™ll be surprised however how quick and easy it can be to restore it to its former glory. Hereโ€™s howโ€ฆ 

9 Retro Metro Styles

Metro tiles are a wonderfully versatile option that can add a show stopping additional element to almost any aesthetic style. Due to this versatility, experts agree that metro tiles are well on their way to become a design classic that will not look dated in ten yearsโ€™ time. Different ways of laying metro tiles can contribute to drastically different aesthetics; here are nine of our favourite styles to help you decide which layout is best for you.