Period meets contemporary: Extensions

It’s no surprise that owners get so attached to their period properties, they never want to leave. But what can you do if you absolutely love your home but are running out of living space? The obvious answer is to extend, but have you thought about adding a contemporary extension to a period property? Here's what you need to know...

Prepare your garden for winter

With winter upon us, we are naturally drawn to the cosy indoors, but it’s worth braving the chill for the wellbeing of your garden. A few hours of hard work now can protect all the effort you put in over spring and summer. Here are a few things you can do to prepare and protect your garden over winter...

How to survive: A side return extension 

The side return area of a home has become one of the most maligned features of Victorian and Edwardian properties. That alleyway to the side of the home, once presumably there to provide easy access to the ‘out house’, is today more often than not an area of ugly, redundant space. It’s no wonder then that side return extensions have become one of the most popular home improvements, particularly in cities where outside space is at an absolute premium. While it’s a relatively simple project, all home improvements carry with them certain stress, hassle and inconveniences. So, here are a few tips on how to survive a side return extension…

The 7 signs of a cowboy builder

Finding the right tradesmen for your home improvements can be a little like the wild west. Whether you’re looking for a good sparky to install new lighting or a team of builders to add an extension, it’s hard to know who can be trusted and who might turn out to be a cowboy. That’s why we’ve put together these magnificent 7 cowboy builder signs you should look out for.

How to survive: a loft conversion

Making good use of that extra space in your loft sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But is it worth the hassle? Loft conversions can be one of the most cost effective and rapid ways to add considerable floor space (and value!) to your home. However, starting any major home improvement project might mean opening up your home to chaos and mayhem. We've pulled together a short ‘survival guide’ to navigate your loft project to a dream completion and avoid any nightmares.

How to live in harmony with your builder

Even if your DIY skills are en pointe, you can’t always go it alone. Whether you’re refitting the main bathroom, fancy an extension on the kitchen, or want to put some decking in the garden, sometimes it’s best to let the professionals take care of the hard graft for you.