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How to: design a minimalist living space

How to: design a minimalist living space

The the minimalist school traces its roots back to the 1950s, though it was not until the 1980s that the principals of minimalism started to become thoroughly ingrained into the mindsets of architects and interior designers. 

The aim is to keep design simple, and unobtrusive by taking a ‘less is more approach’ to create spaces that are light and calming — perfect then for the living room! Although, actually achieving minimalism in the one room of the home we like to fill with cushions, blankets and trinkets is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve compiled a few simple tips and tricks to breath a little zen into your sitting room. 


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Blend light and dark 

The classic colour palette of minimalist design is the predominant use of white hues in a room, accented by deep blacks. Though you are free to use a wealth of colours is you stick to the principal of blending a simple light colour with a dark colour, or vice versa for example by blending dark browns with creams and tans.



Turn storage into a feature of the room

As you would expect, the secret to a minimalist room is keeping all of our clutter hidden away to avoid visual distraction from the core beauty of the room. To keep the mess at bay you’re going to want to add plenty of storage to the room, the unfortunate paradox of this is that too many storage items, such as trunks, cupboards and cabinets can themselves become the clutter and inhibit the minimalist aesthetic of the room. 

This can be combated by turning storage into a feature of the room. Go for a simple tall bookcase with clean lines, this will become a focal point of the room. Things like DVDS and CDs can be hidden away, in footstools or coffee table drawers. 



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Wall mount the television

In this day and age there is no need to stick with an ugly AV cabinet. Many TVs sold today come with wall mounting brackets included, if yours did not you can pick up the necessary bracket and bolts inexpensively from all good hardware or electronic shops or easily from an online retailer. If you’re willing to spend a little extra on your AV combine your television with some sleek speakers from the likes of Bose or Bang and Olufsen, opt for a set with wireless capability so you don’t have to put up with ugly cables trailing all over new minimalist living room. 



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Don’t go OTT with your furniture 

It’s temping to load every spare bit of floor area in the living room with sofas and armchairs to accommodate as many people as possible, but this is counter intuitive to the minimalist look you are trying to achieve which relies on the room feeling open and spacious, rather than cramped. Go for a few simple pieces of furniture such as one or two sofas and an armchair. If having enough seating is a big concern then instead opt for a few oversized pieces of furniture rather than loads of regular sized ones. 



Scandinavian-inspired home office with large painting on wall

Go for big statement art 

When it comes to artwork it’s better to go for a few, beautiful, huge pieces that you love, than loads of small pieces you bought simply to fill the space. Large sculptures and pieces of wall art will become signature aspects of the room, without overcrowding the area. If you want to put multiple artworks on the same wall then keep it symmetrical and remember keep to odd numbers, e.g. one three or five paintings. 

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