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How to: design the ultimate home office-cum-guest bedroom

How to: design the ultimate home office-cum-guest bedroom

A spare room in the home is a luxury that many will be envious of, whether it’s the result of an extension, conversion or of an offspring growing up and flying the nest. It’s a space with a huge amount of potential. Guest bedrooms are wonderful things, allowing you to offer your visitors their own private space in your home is sure to make you a favourite to come visit. 

Unfortunately, often spare bedrooms become bleak under-utilised spaces — either functioning as a glorified utility closet for much of the year, meaning that all of your guests have to clamber over a mountain of old appliances, and bags of clothes destined for the charity shop, just to get into bed. Or it becomes a spotlessly clean, but forbidden room which the regular household is advised not to venture into on pain of death, in order to keep it pristine for any visitors.

A great way to keep a spare room tidy, and breath a bit of life into it for all of the rest of the year when you’re not playing host is to make it multi-functional, and at Opun we think one of the best room types to combine it with is the home office/hobby room. Of course, the holy grail of room multifunctional room design is getting that balance between the two just right, After all no one wants to feel like their sleeping in the regional sales office, nor do you want to feel like you’re trying to work in an airport hotel! But, by following these simple tips you’ll find it’s easy to create the perfect multi-functional space. 


a stylish bedroom/office in loft room

1. Loft conversions work best

There’s something about loft conversions that make them optimum for an office-cum-bedroom. As their usually one of the largest rooms in the house there is plenty of space to fit your; desk, instruments, potter’s wheel or whatever other equipment you’re particular vocation/avocation needs. While still being ample space for a double bed and furnishings to make the room cosy for visitors. You also get those glorious views from the top of the house to inspire you while you work, and show off the surrounding area to guests. 


2. Add task and ambient lighting

Unless you’re making the space double up as a meditation space, the chances are you’re going to want a set of dedicated task lighting to help you carry out your work. Your visitors however are unlikely going to want to try and read their book before bed with your 100watt office lamp, so some soft ambient lighting is a must too. This may even be helpful when you’re working when you need to zone out a bit to get creative or concentrate on something. Dimmer switches aren’t absolutely essential but strongly recommended! 


Nordic design inspired loft room with chaise lounge

3. Spend time finding the optimum layout.

Think about how to arrange the room best. Certain factors such as the position of windows in the room are going to strongly affect what will work best, after all you don’t want to spend all day having to put up with glare on your computer scree, and it’s also unlikely that your guests will want to sleep with their head jammed up against the woodwork of the door. 


bathroom in loft with skylights

4. Add an ensuite if you can

The guest ensuite is a great addition, as it means that visitors don’t have to feel awkward about disrupting the rest of the house’s morning bathroom routines when they get up to take a shower. Having one in the room which is also your study means that, you don’t have to face the distractions of the rest of the home when you need to go to the bathroom, helping you stay focused on your work for longer. 


succulents growing in terrarium

5. Get some greenery 

Plants have been scientifically proven both to aid concentration and to aid sleep meaning that adding some to this type of multifunction space is a win win. If you’re not green-fingered and are worried about neglecting your floral friends then opt for succulents which usually require nothing more than the very occasional watering to keep healthy! 

Photo by KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock / Getty Images

6. Conceal and store 

Nobody wants to look at clutter and ugly electrical wires all day, so add plenty of storage to hide away all your files, papers and other such objects.  Conceal phone cables and computer wires behind desks and other furniture to improve the general ambiance of the room. On the subject of electricals however it’s a good idea to make sure there is a few free power outlets for guests, so they don’t have to worry about unplugging your network just to charge their phone over night. 


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