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5 quick tips to get the most out of a small bedroom

5 quick tips to get the most out of a small bedroom

We may all dream of a sprawling master-suite with walk-in wardrobe and private seating area. But many of us have to get by with somewhat pokier spaces to catch our slumber. Whether you’re sharing with housemates and got the short straw when it came to room allocation, you’ve just bought your first home and it’s somewhat on the petite side, or you’ve fallen for the pastoral charms of an old farm cottage, your sleeping quarters may be limited somewhat space-wise. 

However, just because your bedroom is small it doesn’t mean it can’t be glorious! Just follow these quick tips to get the very most out of your cosy abode! 


 Image Source:  tec_estromberg  via Flickr.  License  

Image Source: tec_estromberg via Flickr. License 

1.  Decorate!

The temptation to remedy a small bedroom is to avoid putting things in it all together, but remember there’s minimalism and then there’s spartan. Don’t create a room that feels like a void! Just because you live in a small room doesn't mean you don’t deserve nice things — rugs, picture frames, posters and any other decor can all work well in small rooms, the secret is in positioning and not over-crowding any one area. If you’re struggling to find space to fit some prized ornaments fit some shelves. 


a guest bedroom with dark colour scheme

2. Avoid ‘fuss’

With small rooms, the secret to preventing the space becoming claustrophobic is to create the illusion of flow and space, this means you should avoid overly busy patterns, Go for a simple, calm pattern if you go for wallpaper, if you opt for paint pick a soothing colour, not only will this help the room seem airier, it will help you get to sleep too. 


a very contemporary bedroom with bicycle in it

3. Clean lines are your friend

It can be easy to pick an overly ornate furniture for your bedroom, but these visually intrusive items can cause small rooms to feel even more cramped, instead the clean simple lines common in modern and Scandinavian furniture design is a better choice to make the room seem spacious. 


4. Go big with your mirror 

It may sound counter intuitive to put a big item in a small room, but mirrors have a magical effect of making rooms seem bigger, and the larger the size of the reflective surface the greater the illusion created by the mirror. Just remember tip number three and avoid ones with hefty, ornate frames. 


Photo by irina88w/iStock / Getty Images

5. Go for built-in storage 

Built-in storage is a wonderful solution for cramped bedrooms, freeing up that floor space you need to be able to move around the room easily. Custom fitted storage can be made to fit into those awkward areas that are so common in small rooms, where you’d struggle to fit a dresser or wardrobe. 

On the subject of storage, try to be clever with it. Many beds these days offer storage solutions underneath which are the perfect solution to store all of those items which would otherwise clutter up the room. 

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