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6 compelling reasons to paint your walls white

6 compelling reasons to paint your walls white

The colour white has picked up a bit of a reputation among homeowners as being slightly boring. But, the reality is that when well utilised, white is just about the most diverse and exciting colour out there to put on your walls. Whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room, white is the one colour that works in absolutely any room. 

A firm favourite among minimalists, nordic-style fanatics and shabby-chic devotees, here’s everything you need to know to create your own beautiful white space. 

a  luxurious living room decorated in mostly white shades

1. There’s a massive range of shades of white. 

From ghost, smoke, powder and eggshell, the range of shades it’s possible to buy white paint in is colossal. Most of which create bright and invigorating spaces when applied to the walls. When people bemoan white rooms as being drab and boring, they commonly mean those decorated in those creamy neutral off-white shades such as magnolia that became so popular in the 1950s,.

Commit to an exciting true shade of white and you’re guaranteed to breath fresh energy into almost any room. 

You can mix and match different shades, by chosing different shades for your carpets, sofas, and other furnishings, to create a tranquil and elegant space. 


a black and white bathroom

2. You can create contrast with it

You can contrast predominately white walls with just about any colour to create a bold palette, although this works better with non-neutral shades. Black is of course the obvious choice, particularly if you’re going for a minimalist or Japanese-inspired look for the room. But it works equally well with reds, blues, yellows, and greens. 

Pairing white with dark shades creates a deep and pensive ambiance in a room, while bright shades will inject energy. 


3. Use it to show off your artwork 

There’s a reason why most art galleries and museums in the world opt for white walls, as it doesn’t divert attention away from what you put into the room. Therefore if there’s any particular space where you want to show off your artworks, photography, film/tour posters or any other such items, white walls are the perfect choice to go for. 


a green living room accented with white

4. Use white as a feature 

Conversely to what we just said, when you make white as an accent colour it will draw the eye directly to it. This means white is a fantastic choice for a feature wall or ceiling, juxtaposing with another colour. A stark white has the advantage of fooling the eye to make spaces seem larger. 


a hallway with a white and neutral colour scheme

5. Pair it with any material 

Chose metallics like copper, brass, gold and silver. White pairs beautifully with any material. Stones like marble and granite, or other materials such as wood and glass also work very well. White will always be a ‘safe bet’ to decorate your room with, even if you haven’t yet fully envisioned how you’ll kit the room out. 


a white walled living room with white sofa

6. It’s not going to go out of style 

Like the little black dress (LBD) or a well cut white-tee, white walls are a timeless choice that will never look old fashioned or fuddy-duddy. In a world where trends can change so rapidly, opt for white for the reassurance that you’re choice of palette will always look current.

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