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Bring the outside in this Spring

Bring the outside in this Spring

Just the thought of spending a warm summer’s day lounging in the garden is enough to evoke those feelings of blissful contentment, but what if your home could provide you with that same feeling of being in the great outdoors, once you’ve moved inside? Well, this is one of this summer’s hottest home design concepts — the blurring of boundaries between inside and outside space. If you like the sound of this idea then we’ve compiled a bunch of inspiration on how you can let some of the wild in this summer. 

Modern living room with balcony

Using the same flooring for the inside and out

The use of external materials inside the home has becoming increasingly popular in recent years and one of the most stunning ways you can unify the inside with the outside is to use the same material for the patio as the internal flooring that it adjoins. Combine this technique with sliding glass doors or French windows to create a seamless transition between the two areas.

The doors when open will leave the room feeling like it is part of the garden, perfect for entertaining in both areas of your home simultaneously — if the weather turns or night falls you merely need to shut the doors in order to return your home to being a cosy space. Be sure to use robust flooring materials that look good both inside and out such as granite, marble and hardwood. 

Wood framed conservatory


A well-insulated conservatory can be used year round and is a great way to enjoy the garden without being exposed to the elements. Not only are conservatories generally quick to construct but in many cases there is no need to apply for planning permission. If done right a conservatory is one of the simplest ways to increase the market value of your home.

Kitchen with atrium ceiling


For those looking for a little more wow factor then an atrium can really add to a home, offering more versatility and as much natural light as a conservatory. Rooms with glass roofs make for jaw dropping open-plan kitchen/living areas, bathing the room in sunlight throughout the day. 

succulents growing in terrarium

Internal plants

Everybody knows that a houseplant or two can really add some life to a room, but more than being a simple decoration indoor plants are good for your health, purifying the air in the room and helping you to breathe easier. Terrariums with their vintage charms have seen a resurgence in recent years, making beautiful and low maintenance additions to any room. 

Garden with summerhouse

Summer houses 

Often left neglected, a good summer house can be so much more than a storage space. Not only will they provide a cool shelter at the end of the garden if the sun proves a little too hot. They can be made into fantastic verdant retreats for those who don’t want to bring too much greenery into their home. 

Patio with an American style outdoor kitchen with gas-fired BBQ

Outdoor kitchens

For those who really want to get the most from the warmer months an outdoor kitchen can add much to a patio or garden. Not only are they great for entertaining, they mean you don’t have to come in from the sun to make lunch on those days when being cooped-up inside is the very last thing on your mind.


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