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How to choose the perfect patio doors for your home

How to choose the perfect patio doors for your home

You’ve found just the right paving for the patio, picked the outdoor seating and got your garden ready for summer, selecting the perfect patio doors then is the final thing and you want something that will set the whole project off.  The perfect patio doors will complement the design and style of the rest of the property as well as provide you with the gateway out to your own small portion of the great outdoors.

From modern bi-folding and pivoting mechanisms to more traditional French window styles there’s a huge range of opening options when it comes to patio doors, so this might be the first thing you want to decide on when selecting the right doors for your home. The principle factor that will affect which styles of patio door are available to you is the amount of space you have available, as some mechanisms require much more than others.

β€˜Pocket’ sliding doors allow for impressive walls of solid glass that completely vanish when opened by sliding into their connecting wall. However, they require a large amount of space and a thick connecting wall to contain the framing and tracking mechanism.

Comparatively French windows require much less space and look great on more traditional looking properties, but their maximum width is usually restricted to about six feet to prevent the doors from becoming heavy and cumbersome, so they are not suitable for those want to open up an entire wall of their home.

External view of large, modern home with bi-folding patio doors

Bi-folding frames can offer a large opening space while minimising the amount of space required by each panel concertinaing into one another as the door opens.  

Once you have settled on the right door type for your home consider what material would be best: modern patio doors can be made from a wide range of materials, each of which have their own properties and aesthetics.

Open-plan kitchen with sliding patio doors

PVCu frames are commonly available which means there’s a wide product choice. However, this material is weaker than other options, so they require bulkier frames which restricts the size of the glass area. They also often require a raised threshold which prevents a seamless transition from the internal flooring to the outside.

Timber frames look great on both older and modern properties and are thermally efficient, but to ensure quality should be installed by a specialist installer.

Aluminium frames are extremely strong so can be sleeker than other choices allowing for a greater glass area, they also come in a virtually limitless selection of colours.

When selecting patio doors, consider the overall styling of your property, ultra-modern looking doors for example are visually stunning in themselves, but they can look out of place on an older property.  If you’re unsure which style of patio of door would suit your home best seek advice β€” a good installer will be able to advise you on all of the different options available to you, as well as provide you with quotations and installation times for all of the different options.


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