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En-suite bathrooms: What you need to know

En-suite bathrooms: What you need to know

The luxury and convenience of having your own, private ensuite bathroom is probably one of the most enviable features in a home. No more will you have to lie awake before work listening out for the shower to become free, nor will have to worry anymore about your fancy lotions and potions being plundered by the rest of the household. Instead, you will have your own oasis either all to yourself or shared only with your partner. 

At Opun, we absolutely love en-suites. But we also know the importance of them being pulled off well. As all too often en-suites are poorly executed and become dim and grim spaces, you’d sooner avoid using. So, here are the key considerations to make whether you’re adding a new en-suite to your bedroom, or merely fixing up an existing one. 


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Make it as luxurious as your ‘main’ bathroom 

By adding an en-suite to your bedroom it’s an unwritten rule of the home that you essentially revoke your rights to the other bathrooms. While using the downstairs loo is still permissible, it’s hard to justify holding up the rest of your household by using their shower when you have a perfectly good one of your own in your bedroom. This means that you should not omit any luxury items from your en-suite that you would not want to forgo. If there’s not space for a bathtub in your en-suite than your house will surely be understanding and allow you to use the main bathroom at non-peak times, but if you’ve grown accustomed to an exhilarating power shower in the morning, then you better install one of the same spec in the en-suite so you don’t have to miss out. 


Make sure your ventilation is sufficient

Ventilation is just about the most important consideration when designing or redesigning a bathroom. A badly ventilated bathroom will not only feel constantly humid and possibly have a constant pool of stagnant water on the floor, but can lead to mould growth which could even permeate outside of the bathroom. Modern building regulations are(for good reason) unlikely to consider a simple window as sufficient ventilation for a WC with bath or shower features. 

Happily, there is a huge range of ventilation solutions that are more than adequate to wick away all of the moisture in even windowless bathrooms. If energy use from an electric vent or fan is a concern of you ask your bathroom fitter/designer if passive stack ventilation would be sufficient. 


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Plan the space wisely

Unless your bedroom is very large, it’s likely that your en-suite is going to be somewhat smaller than the ‘main’ bathroom of the home. This makes proper spacial planning and storage imperative in achieving a functioning and beautiful en-suite. Your bathroom designer or installer will be able to identify the optimum layout for the bathroom on your behalf. But as we all have our own unique tastes you may wish to work with them to find storage solutions that suit both your style and how you will use the space. 

There are loads of great options such as below counter drawers and ‘ladder’ storage shelves. For the very space constrained using a corner basin can save a considerable amount of space. As can what the American’s call ‘Vanity units’ which combine the basin within a storage counter with functioning cupboard similar to a kitchen sink. Short projection toilets can also save a considerable amount of space. 


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Double up if you can

the so-called ‘his and hers’ basin suites can make a great addition to an en-suite, as it’s likely you’re going to want to be able to share the space when you can. If you and your partner both get up and go to work at the same time for example then, both being able to brush your teeth at the same time may seem like a small luxury but it’s one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

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