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How to pick the right windows for your loft conversion

How to pick the right windows for your loft conversion

There’s lots to love about loft rooms; they tend to be some of the largest rooms in the house, they can have cool vaulted ceilings, and by being at the very top of the house they usually offer the best views of the surrounding area, no matter if you live in the city centre, quiet suburbs or the rolling hills of the countryside.

But just what are your options when it comes to windows for loft conversions? Well, exactly what you can install will depend on your planning permission, type of loft conversion and the layout of your home. Each type of window has its own merits so it is a good idea to consider each to decide which would be best for your conversion. So here’s our rundown of a few of the options you might have for your attic. 

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Dormer Windows

Dormer windows are perhaps the most common type of window you will see in British loft conversions. They are a type of raised box cut out of the original roof of the home, allowing for extra headroom within the converted space. These types of window are as a result particularly suited for properties that have low hanging ceilings in the attic. This type of window may or may not require Planning Permission, depending on the specifics of your home. Some local authorities place restrictions upon the addition of dormer windows to a home, requiring them to be rear facing and constructed out of materials that match the rest of the property.  


Roof lights 

Roof lights or skylights are fantastic for flooding a room with as much natural light as possible as they slope with the roof. However, as roof lights are sky-facing they are not the best choice of window if your looking for one that allows you to admire the surrounding landscape of your property. This type of window sits within the ceiling so they do not protrude either inwards or outwards meaning they will not alter your ceiling’s height. 

A particularly impressive subtype of skylight are ‘roof lanterns’ which is where you cut out a portion of the home’s existing roof and replace it with a glass box, giving you a ‘mini’ glass-ceiling —  creating a feature window all of the neighbours are sure to be envious of!


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Gable-end windows 

Gable-end windows are probably the most impressive type of feature window that you can add to a loft conversion. The term gable refers to that triangular upper portion of the wall you find at the ends of properties that have ridged roofs. Subject to Building Control and Planning Permission it may even be possible to have a floor length glass wall at the gable end or a set of Juliet-balconies, giving you unrivalled views of the surrounding area! 

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