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What could an interior designer do for you?

What could an interior designer do for you?

Many people assume that the services of an interior designer are exclusively reserved for the hyper-wealthy – people who have so many rooms in their home that they need to outsource to a professional just to furnish it all. Although it is true that many celebrities and wealthy people do choose to use interior designers, the idea that they're reserved only for those with big budgets could not be further from the truth!

Interior designers are available to everyone, for any home no matter its size, and can help their clients get the most from almost any budget. But just what exactly are the advantages of enlisting a professional interior designer to help style your home? Well, there are many which is why at Opun we think everyone should at least consider using one to help them achieve their decor dreams. Here's our top 5 reasons: 


1. Avoid costly mistakes

The key thing to remember about an interior designer is that they are a trained professional with expertise in spacial planning, lighting, and making sure you achieve the desired ambience for any room. By using an interior designer you are far less likely to end up making decor mistakes and then having to go through the costly process of rectifying them. Many interior designers use computer software to show their clients plans and 3d renders of the project, so you can be sure before work commences if you’re going to like the outcome or not. 


Atrium kitchen

2. Help you find your own style

A good interior designer will not merely advise you on what’s currently fashionable or the latest flavour of the month in interior design, nor will they just run off and design a hyper-chic room for you (unless you ask them to). Instead they will have a thorough consultation with you to discuss what colours, patterns and styles you personally like and also what your dislikes are. They’ll listen to any ideas you have or things you’ve always wanted to do with a room and find the best way for you to achieve your own personal decor desires. 

You’ll also gain the peace of mind of knowing that any of the riskier things you’ve always dreamed of but were worried about will be pulled off. If for example you’ve always liked the idea of painting a room in dark colours, but were worried it would clash with the room or just not work. Then, an interior designer will be able to ensure they find a darker hue which is perfect for the room and your own tastes. 


modern, sleek bathroom

3. Help you stick to budget 

Now, the idea that paying someone to help you design your home’s interior could save you money may sound a little fanciful when you could do it yourself, but bare with us for one moment. Interior designers understand that their client’s have a budget in mind for any project and want to avoid going over it at all costs. A good interior designer will come up with an exact itemised account of all of the projected spending of your project, avoiding any oversights which would push you over budget towards the end of the redesign if you went it alone. 


4. Gain access to ‘trade-only’ exclusives 

Similarly to how a builder or plumber can excess trade-exclusive products, which are usually of a better quality and possibly better priced. The same goes for interior designers, an experienced interior designer will have a network of suppliers, from which they can source everything from textiles and wallpapers to furniture and accessories. Meaning they will be able to find the perfect products for your home. 


designer's drawing of an open-plan space

5. Make sure your home is functional

How many times have you seen a beautiful kitchen, but then found that due to a lack of storage and worktop space it was nearly impossible to cook in? or seen a bedroom of the stuff dreams are made of, but then found that the colour scheme made trying to go to sleep in it nothing short of a nightmare? Well, the chances are these rooms were not designed by a professional. All too often people decorate and furnish their homes to be aesthetically beautiful while completely overlooking the practicalities, resulting in spaces which simply don’t work for their intended use. 

At the very crux of what an interior designer does it to make sure every room they design is a pleasure to be in, being both practical and beautiful.

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