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5 luxury home improvements that are more affordable than you thought

5 luxury home improvements that are more affordable than you thought

Every now and then (and when you can) itโ€™s nice to treat yourself to a new big-ticket item for the home. Whether thatโ€™s a new 4k television, fancy Danish speakers or maybe just a beautiful new sofa, theyโ€™re all great ways to add a little well deserved luxury to your home.

However, at Opun we think itโ€™s sometimes better to dream a little bigger. Youโ€™ll be amazed at some of the luxury items youโ€™d only expect to find in a movie starโ€™s home or hotel which actually these days more affordable than you thought, and will add some wow-factor to your home. There are many options you could go for but here is a few of our favourites:

 Image source:  Koen .  License . Resized

Image source: Koen. License. Resized

sauna/steam room

Many Scandinavian homes have their own sauna so why shouldnโ€™t we? What could be better after a long day at work than being able to come home to a nice relaxing sauna or steam? Just imagine feeling all of the dayโ€™s stress and strain leaving your muscles as you unwind for 15 minutes in your own private spa-feature.

When it comes to saunaโ€™s you can either go for an authentic outdoor sauna like youโ€™d expect to see surrounded in snow in Finland or Sweden, or if you have the space you could even have an internal one constructed

If you prefer steam rooms or lack the space for a sauna, then there are loads of great โ€˜Steam showersโ€™ these days which double up as steam room at the touch of a button.


Photo by richterfoto/iStock / Getty Images

Hot Tub

A good hot tub (yes even an outdoor one!) can be used year round, and being able to serve guests wine and canapes as they recline amongst the jets and bubbles will certainly be one of the highlights of your parties for years to come.

Thereโ€™s a diverse range of hot tubs to suit a wide range of budgets, some of which can be picked up for less than the cost of a big screen television. Just make sure you follow the maintenance and cleaning guidelines and a hot tub with last a long time.  


High-tech home cinema render

Cinema room

If youโ€™ve been wondering about what you could make the guest bedroom could double up as, or have been thinking about a carrying out a loft conversion then both are great contenders to be home cinemas. Theyโ€™re great for keeping the kids entertained on rainy half term days and you will love being able to catch up on all of the boxsets your work colleagues have been begging you to watch for the last three years in truly cinematic quality.  

For an authentic cinema experience opt for a projector and surround sound system, which may even work out as less costly than buying the latest television. 


Pizza oven in garden

Pizza Oven

Make sure your barbeques and garden parties are never a flop again with your very own outdoor pizza oven. Knock up your own delicious thin-crust pizzas in a matter of minutes that will completely blow any takeaway pizza out of the water. Theyโ€™re not just for pizzas either you can make anything from rotisserie chicken to stew in a good pizza oven, and everyone knows that cooking things outdoors is justโ€ฆ. Well, better right? Thatโ€™s why everyone loves a barbeque

There are many pre-made wood and gas fired pizza ovens on the market but to add some real Campanian charm to your garden have an authentic brick or clay oven constructed.


Photo by piovesempre/iStock / Getty Images

A walk-in/open wardrobe

Nothing quite says luxury like waking up in the morning and being able to stroll to your own neatly arranged and organised walk-in wardrobe. No, more will you waste valuable coffee drinking time before work, hunting for that last pair of clean black socks.

Donโ€™t worry if you lack the space to dedicate a room purely to your sartorial needs, a great option is an โ€˜open wardrobeโ€™ where your shoes, accessories and clothes are stored openly on rails and shelves as part of the room, itโ€™s a chic minimalist solution to lacking the space for a traditional walk-in wardrobe and frees up more space in the room than hiding your clothes away in cramped draws and closed wardrobes around the room. 

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