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5 home décor predictions for 2017

5 home décor predictions for 2017

Well, the summer is drawing to a close, and soon there will be thoughts of Halloween, Bonfire night and cosy evenings sat at home. With all this in mind we thought it was time to give you guys a little head start for what home décor trends will be dominating 2017 so you can stay one step of head of the rest!  

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Mismatched kitchens

Uniformity is an ever popular choice with kitchens, from matching worktops and cabinets to a general overarching colour scheme, it’s been this way almost since time immemorial. But for some, this can all seem a little dull and perhaps, even monotonous.

People are becoming slightly more adventurous with their kitchens and we believe that the ‘mismatched kitchen’ trend will become even more popular next year. Now this doesn’t mean having each and every cabinet a unique hue like you’d expect with some mid-range student hall’s kitchenette. Rather being a little daring and for example going for granite work surfaces for your counters, but then opting for a hardwood island for a little variety.

Not only does this create interesting focal points, but using two different materials can actually have practical benefits to boot, stone work surfaces are more robust and easier to clean, but many would be more comfortable sat at a wooden table, making wood a great candidate for the island when you consider that many use their kitchen islands to double up as an informal dining and entertaining area.



Incredibly popular on the continent, especially in places such as Italy. Bidets have never really been that popular in the UK outside of very high-end bathrooms. But they have been seeing a slow but steady rise in popularity over recent years here. While they may not be to everyone’s taste, if a bidet is a feature you’ve always been intrigued by, now might be the perfect time to install one in your bathroom. There are also an ever increasing variety of techy-toilets that feature a bidet feature if you’re concerned about space, in your bathroom.


Popular here in the ‘80s for feature tiles. Materials such as terracotta which have warming feel  year-round are expected to become highly popular here, whether used on the walls or as flooring, glazed or unglazed, it is a beautiful and versatile earthenware material that works well in just about any room as well as in the garden.


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At last! Green tones work wonderfully in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. With darker shades likely to make a large comeback in 2017. Verdant and fresh, greens have a timeless quality meaning that rooms decorated in such a colour scheme are unlikely to look outmoded in the same way that say, orange or yellow shades can.

It’s not just for the walls where greens are expected to see a resurgence however, with rich velvety textiles expected to become increasingly in vogue.  


cosy tech-free zone with fireplace

Tech-free zones

For many, much of our lives are dominated by screens of one sort or another. From tablets, to mobiles to the monitors many of us pour over for many an hour while at work. And while these devices and technologies have without doubt made our lives easier, made us more informed and provided us with unlimited entertainment at our fingertips. Many now feel that it’s good to create spaces where we can get away from all this when we need to.  

As such, interior designers are now incorporating ‘tech-free’ spaces into homes. These places, without televisions or other types of screen, are designed to be distraction free areas, where are encouraged to not bring our and devices so we can simply read, play music or converse with one another without interruption.  

As we become ever more connected the term ‘escapism’ is becoming an increasingly popular buzzword within interior design, so it is likely that tech-free areas will become a staple of future decoration. 

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