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A room with a view...12 jaw-dropping loft rooms

A room with a view...12 jaw-dropping loft rooms

With a little planning beforehand, it's easy to turn a dusty old attic into the most envied room in the neighbourhood. Loft conversions have so many advantages β€” they're big, their unique shape adds interesting architectural features to the room and their proximity at the top of the home means they usually offer the very best views, especially when you throw in some skylights!

If you're considering converting your loft or renovating an existing attic conversion, then check out this little gallery below to see what's possible with just a little bit of creativity.  

Talk about a stairway to heaven! This line of skylights above the stairwell will bathe both the downstairs and upstairs landings in natural light.

With this super-fun mezzanine you’ll never have to argue with the kids about when it’s bedtime, they’ll want to spend all their time there. When they get older if they want to move to a room with a little more space then it would be easy to turn this area into a guest bedroom or home office.

We love the shabby-chic aesthetic to this room. Those original wooden beams have become a wonderful feature-piece to the room, highlighted by simply whitewashing the walls and flooring.

Here the original trusses of the attic have been celebrated and highlighted by some cleverly placed LED lighting in the ceiling. Also check out how the open-plan space has cleverly been broken up into distinct zones.

This simple loft bedroom conversion utilises gable-end, dormer and skylight windows to let in as much light as possible. The space has been dominated by that glorious king-size bed, which is surely a wonderful place to wake up to, looking up to the sky.

Sometimes, with a loft conversion ceiling height may restrict what you can place where. Here a sunken wardrobe has been custom made to perfectly match the contours of the sloped roof, completely utilising space which may have otherwise been squandered.

Not much has to bed said about this minimalist masterpiece, a few simple pieces of furniture tied with natural wood flooring and white walls has created a calming and beautiful bedroom. 

Most people think; bedroom, bathroom or office for a loft conversion, but there are so many more things than this they can be. Here the area has been turned into a quaint den for the kids to play. The space has been made multifunctional by the addition of a sofa-bed, allowing it to double up as a guest bedroom. 

Here a small loft has been converted into a cosy, but cool home office. Those bespoke shelves fit the gable end perfectly to provide tonnes of storage and that porthole-window is the stuff dreams are made of.

This loft en-suite may be small, but it’s been perfectly laid out to fit both a separate shower and bathtub. What could be better than gazing up at the rain pitter-pattering down the skylight while you have a relaxing bath on a drizzly Sunday?

With a large enough loft, it's possible to create an independent dwelling from the rest of the house. This is a great option for families with older relatives, they wish to look after while allowing them to maintain their independence!

This loft bedroom has mixed contemporary decor with vintage styling down to a tee. From the antique dresser highlighted by the LED roof lighting to that modern shelving cut into the wall which juxtaposes with the retro wallpaper, this look cannot be faulted. 

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