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6 ways to get your entrance ready for the new season

6 ways to get your entrance ready for the new season

Well, the kids are back to school at last, but sadly the night’s are also drawing in. It can mean only one thing…Autumn’s on its way. As the halcyon haze of Summer fades now is a good time to start getting your home ready for the new season. creating warm, inviting, hygge-inspired spaces to come back to and snuggle-up in.

And where could be better to start that with your home’s entrance hall? After that cold and drizzly commute that never seemed to end, there’s nothing better than opening the front door to instantly being greeted with a warm, cosy and glowing space. With that in mind here’s the Opun guide to getting the perfect entrance hall and doorway that welcomes you home. 


1. Underfloor heated entrance ways 

A major interior trend at the moment. It’s not hard to fathom the appeal of heated flooring in the entrance hall. say goodbye to draughty cold hallways with icy-tiles. instead set the thermostat to come on a little earlier than your expected to get home to be welcomed in by a temperate hall with a floor that’s comfortably warm to the touch. Installation is not as big of a job as you may expect, and is surprisingly affordable although it does require pulling up the flooring to be installed. 

There are two main types of underfloor heating typically used; electric — which works using series of electrically heated metal coils, similar to the de-icer on the rear screen of a car. This method is relatively inexpensive and a fast to install project, however they are not as energy efficient as wet systems. 

‘Wet’ underfloor heating systems operate similar to central heating with a series of pipes heated by warm water, which can be tied into your existing central heating. Wet underfloor heating can be up to 30% more efficient at heating a room than a radiator so is a great choice. However, it is more expensive and a larger job to install so may best be done as part of a large renovation to the space. 


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2.  Add a mirror 

We know that it’s design staple, you’d think is a bit too obvious to mention. But the importance of adding a large mirror to your entrance hall cannot be understated, ignoring the aesthetic considerations that it makes the room feel roomier and brighter. it’s just a hugely practical feature letting you check if for that ever persistent smudge of marmite around your mouth from breakfast before you run off to work. 


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3. Coat and shoe storage 

As we move into the colder months and seemingly weekly you leave the home with an additional layer on increasing your hall’s storage for coats and shoes is a good idea. If you have a particularly narrow hallway then a good old victorian coat and hat rack may suffice, but if you have a little more room then consider adding a vintage trunk to store muddy footwear you don’t want to bring into the rest of the house. Place a couple of cushions on top of it to make it double up as a handy bench to put your shoes on in the morning. If you live in a rural area then a nice idea can be to add a rustic boot jack to help you get your wellies off after you have embarked on a walk across the fields. 


ornate pendant lighting in stairway

4. Statement Lighting 

If there’s one area you want your lighting to be a little, well, show-of it’s the entrance hall. think artsy pendents, statement industrial styling retro lamps or even a good old chandelier to welcome in visitors to your home. 


5. Bike rack 

With more and more of us opting to cycle to work, university or school each morning above the bus or car the problem of bike storage has become increasingly prominent. Understandably few of use want to leave or prized cycles exposed to thieves and the elements outside. but all to often the entrance hall of the home is jam-packed with a variety of bicycles and no-one wants to cause a domino effect of crashing bikes as the result of a handbag strap catching a handlebar. Happily there are a huge range of bike storage solutions available today. From ‘gravity’ racks that rest against the wall, which are a great option for rental home’s as there no need to drill into the wall. to impressive winch racks that allow you float your bikes above head. Weather you’ve got a stylish commuter, a flashy racer or clackity old mountain bike a good bicycle rack will turn your transport into an attractive aspect of your hall’s decor! 


Photo by michaelmill/iStock / Getty Images

6. Illuminated doorway

If you’re got an off-street front door or front garden, then the simple merits of doorway illumination are obvious. Particularly useful after an evening visit to the pub. a motion sensitive light above or beside the door will save you that time fumbling about in the dark trying to get the key into the door. 

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