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Make your bedroom your favourite room in the house again

Make your bedroom your favourite room in the house again

As children and teenagers, our favourite room in the home tends to be the bedroom. It’s that one place in the house that is truly yours, where you were allowed to express your own personal tastes, keep your prized possessions and generally just be yourself. Then, as we get older and move in with housemates, or go to university, our bedroom becomes our only respite from the slightly chaotic nature of shared living. 

But, then you end up moving into your first place alone, or with a partner, in which you know that each and every room is yours to do with as you like. When this happens we tend to start focusing on fixing up the bathrooms, living room and of course the kitchen. Which makes these our favourite spaces, as we’ve invested more time (and money) into making them beautiful. 

Here at Opun however, we think that even as we grow up the bedroom is still a vitally important space, and should really still be your little sanctuary from the world, and with a few upgrades it’s easy to make it so. Here’s just a few ideas for ways that you could turn your bedroom back into your favourite room in the house. 


 Photo Credit:  Station Mont Tremblant . Via Flickr.  CC License

Photo Credit: Station Mont Tremblant. Via Flickr. CC License

Give the walls some character 

Drawing some attention to the walls is an easy and inexpensive way to add intrigue to the room. Whether you go for wallpaper, pictures or posters. It’s just a simple way to inject some character. If you’re a devotee of the minimalist style, adding a monochrome feature wall to the room is a wonderful way to stop the room feeling spartan while staying true to style. 


 Photo Credit:  Irish Fireside . Via Flickr.   CC License

Photo Credit: Irish Fireside. Via Flickr.  CC License

Put in a seating area 

Putting in some seating into your bedroom is a great way to allow you to enjoy the room more. Place a sofa at the end of the bed, or create a little window nook like above to read in. Use your bedroom seating to unwind, read, snack or surf the web. Just remember not to answer any work emails or calls there, your bedroom should be a place of relaxation and enjoyment, you do not want to start associating it with work. 


A chic modern en-suite bathroom with a black and white colour-scheme.

Spring for an en-suite 

Now, this is obviously a little bit of a step-up upgrade wise. But gaining an en-suite improves the entire home, not just the bedroom. Freeing up other bathrooms during the morning rush hour period before everyone leaves for work or school. En-suites can be designed to take up surprisingly small areas, so you might be in for a pleasant surprise if you thought your bedroom was too small. Find out more here. 


Photo by KhongkitWiriyachan/iStock / Getty Images

Add more textiles 

Cushions, throws, rugs and wall hangings are all simple and cost-effective ways to boost the ambiance of a bedroom, as well as add some warmth and comfort. Don’t go for the cheapest you can find as they will likely be made from itchy or static artificial fibres which will give you no joy. 


Clothes hanging on rails in a room.

Go for a walk-in 

Again, this is another large improvement. But if you’re a fashion lover it could really pay off. Walk-in wardrobes can be constructed in relatively small areas, and allow for you to easily organise your clothes, accessories and shoes to keep them in tip top condition and with everything there in view you won’t spend an age in the morning trying to find your favourite jacket.

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