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How to achieve the modern rustic look in any room

How to achieve the modern rustic look in any room

Of all of the popular home decor styles out there, the modern rustic look is perhaps the most puzzling. The two terms that make up the style — ‘modern’ and ‘rustic’ being almost oxymoronic. One bringing to mind sleek, clean lines, space-age materials and glowing LEDs, the other bringing forth quaint pastoral images of slightly tumbledown cottages, Agas and decor that harks back to a bygone era. 

However, if done well it’s one of the most enchanting decor trends out there, giving a room all the bewitching warmth and charm of an old farm house, all the while also being chic and cool like a penthouse apartment. It truly is a ‘have your cake and eat it too’ style. 

It might sound a difficult style to achieve, but providing you get the balance right it is really not that hard! Here’s a few tips in order to get it in any room, no matter if you live out in the countryside or the city centre. 


A modern kitchen with Aga range in the background.


By far the most popular place homeowners seek to create the modern rustic look. The real secret to doing so is in the embracement of natural and traditional materials within the architectural elements of the room. If you own a period property, you may therefore want to expose brickwork to create a warm and tactile feature wall. 

If you have a new-build property, a great way to bring a little rustic charm in is to go for reclaimed materials. Such as floorboards, stone-flagging and bricks. Reused timber can be up-cycled to create new counter tops with a bit more character to them than you’d find in freshly manufactured products. 

Appliance-wise the choice is yours, but try juxtaposing them with your counters and cabinets. For example, by going for a retro looking stove from a manufacturer like Smeg, or an Aga, if you’ve chosen chic and modern fittings. Alternatively go for a high-tech, or commercial specification range cooker if your kitchen has more traditional cabinets and worktops. 


An ensuite bathroom in a loft conversion, with a black and white colour-scheme.


Getting the mix right in a bathroom can be a little more troublesome, after all, who has ever described a bathroom as ‘rustic’ and meant it as a compliment?

The best way to achieve it is the blend bathroom fixtures, which have extremely modern design aesthetics, with organic materials.  Think oval bathtubs, floating basins and rainfall showers, paired with materials such as marble, granite and limestone, or go for tiles composed of an earthy material, such as terracotta, which incidentally is bang on trend this year. 

You can sneak wood into certain elements of the bathroom to give it more of a rustic air, go for a hardwood vanity unit, old fashioned wooden towel horses and slatted wooden bath mats. 


Books an magazines laid on the floor, near some cushions and a modern log burner.


Again, with the living room you’ll want to show off any original or period features of your home, such as beamed ceilings and wooden floorboards (or stone flagging if you’re so lucky). If the room does not already have a working fireplace, look for the telltale signs chimney breast to see if it is possible to reinstate one. You could opt for putting in its place a log-burner with hypermodern aesthetics to really accentuate the ‘modern’ aspect of the trend. 

When it comes to furniture go for modern styles, but see if you can find items with a rustic twist. For example, when it comes to choosing sofa materials, rugs and other textiles. See what you can find made from old-fashioned rustic materials such as jute or sisal. 

Remember, with this trend there’s no need to hideaway your tech so wall-mount the television, put up the impressive speaker system and celebrate all the great technology we have in the 21st century. 


A large bedroom with exposed brick wall.


For the bedroom, it’s much the same as the living room. Go for woods and traditional textiles with modern twists. Loft bedrooms work brilliantly in this style as you have the option of including a cathedral ceiling. 

Although, it may not be to everyone’s taste, animal hide rugs and throws are a popular choice for this style in the bedroom. There are some fairly convincing faux versions available these days that can be picked up inexpensively. 

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