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7 last minute home decor gifts 

7 last minute home decor gifts 

With Christmas just days away, most of us are all set and ridiculously excited by the prospect of too much food, drink and family. For some though, this is a time of fall-to-your-knees-and-scream-to-the-sky levels of panic. Are you one of the many still present-searching for the important people in your life?

If so, one overlooked gift route to go down, whether it’s a stocking-filler or their ‘big present’, is an item of decor. While perfume gets used up, whisky gets drunk and toys get broken — rugs, lamps, paintings and ornaments are a great option. They’ll sit in your recipient's home/room for years, reminding them of you and improving the look of their space.

Here are a few home decor gift ideas to inspire you...

For him

You might hate it, but he will love it. This upcycled barstool combines what in the 21st century have grown to be seen as the two noblest pursuits of manhood: cycling and drinking (though  actually doing both at the same time is not to be encouraged!) One might help to save the planet and prolong his life, the other might go to counteract this, but who cares? Just picture him drenched in sweat in his ridiculous yellow lycra, enjoying a post-sportive-Peroni on this barstool and try to remember why you love him. 

 Credit:  Andshine

Credit: Andshine

For her

With the cold long nights drawing in, give the significant female in your life something to keep warm with. This blanket is perhaps the personification of the much-overused lifestyle term ‘hygge'. It’s Swedish, it’s wool, it’s cosy. Need we say more? 

Blankets are great gifts as they are such a versatile item. They can be used to keep warm, to make an uncomfortable chair comfortable, to conceal an ugly item of furniture, you can even throw them on the floor and use them as a rug. 

 Credit:  Red5  

Credit: Red5 

For the teens

From the grumpy teens in your life it might feel like the best response to a gift you could hope for is a scowl, and smirk of division. But even they cannot argue with the classics. Every teen bedroom needs a lava lamp.

Even if it comes to January and it’s still in a box on the landing, stick it in your study to remind yourself of younger days. 


For the little’ns 

Children exist in a world of their own, a world of fidget-spinners, apps and apparently learning how to code. In fact they even have a language of their own — emoji. While adults, and hapless brands dip a toe into the water of emojing, usually by trying to point out it’s Christmas by sticking a snowman hieroglyph at the end of every tweet, children are the real masters of these unicode characters. You may never truly ‘get it’, but let them celebrate their emoji literacy with one of these themed cushions. 


For the older ones 

Once you reach a certain age you are permitted to have your own chair. A comfortable, expensive space solely reserved for their behind.

After many years of toil and hard work raising you, they’ve earned the right to a dedicated chair for their own relaxation, even if it clashes with the entire decor of the room! Go on, let them embrace their true Martin Crane. 

 Credit:  Garden Trading

For the furry ones 

No matter if you’ve got a dog who loves you, or a cat who sort-of-tolerates you, remember, everyone in the family deserves a little something at Christmas. Check out these tasteful food  bowls. 

 Credit:  Loaf

Credit: Loaf

For everyone 

And since Christmas should really be about spending quality time with your loved ones, it’s the perfect time to invest in a plump and comfortable sofa, where you can all cosy up together with a good film after too much turkey. 

Have a great Christmas everyone 

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