The nordic design gallery

The nordic design gallery

Scandinavia has a lot going for it. Ok, you may have to look past the ridiculously short daylight hours (in some northern parts it’s zero!) during the winter. But the northern lights, low crime rates, high quality of living, excellent food and incredibly beautiful landscapes certainly make up for it. 

Not content with all that however, these countries have collectively left what is perhaps the biggest influence on modern interior design. Stylish, understated and a little mysterious — just like your favourite Nordic Noir detectives. There’s so much to love about Scandi design, if you’re thinking of adding a little to your home check out this gallery of nordic design at its best. 

Let's start with this straight to the point open-plan kitchen from Finland. Stark whites accented with metallic blacks are a staple of this type of design and will work well in just about any room. The open and wonderfully cluttered bookshelves, break up the otherwise minimalist room to give the room a sense of earnestness.

In Sweden vaulted ceilings are common features of older properties. So, if you want to give your new loft conversion room a real Scandi twist consider going for one. The wood panelling gives a whimsical rustic look which we think is perfect for the bedroom.

It is the Danes we need to thank for the term 'hygge' which permeated just about every single area of design last year. And it's easy to see why with this wonderful kitchen dinner from Denmark, it shows that Scandi design isn't all about looking modern, this furniture and colour palette verges into the shabby chic trend, which we also love by the by.
Minimalist colour scheme - check. Sleek lines - check. Accented with natural materials - check. This room hits most of the boxes for what is considered 'traditional Scandinavian design' at it's best. Utilised here it makes the room seem much larger than what it is. We actually have these exact chairs in our office and can highly recommend them.
Check out this sumptuous living room from Sweden's second largest city Gothenburg. When thinking about Scandi interior design, chandeliers and massive New York style windows may not be the first things that come to mind. But the Scandi aesthetic can be combined easily with any other style. We love that corner fireplace. FYI Ikea sell some incredibly similar wingback chairs to these ones.
This beautiful bedroom has contains within it many bastions of coastal interiors. Wood panelling can work gloriously in the bedroom. We're not entirely sure what that lampshade is, or even what it's made of but we'd love to know where we could get one.
In the same way that a chef will tell you, in order to make a truly exceptional meal you just need a couple of excellent, fresh ingredients. An interior designer will tell you to make a brilliant Noridic inspired kitchen, use high quality materials (like the solid wood counter tops here) then keep it simple. We adore those slightly kitsch backsplash tiles that prove that Scandi design doesn't have to be oh-so-serious all of the time.
With its famous geothermal pools, Iceland has picked up a bit of a reputation for it's spas. This means that a true Scandi-inspired bathroom should have a touch of spa-like luxury. You won't have to start each morning with a sauna followed by a roll in the snow as is popular in Finland however!
A big corner sofa, complete with accompanying shag pile rug might worry some that they were turning their living room into the set of a 1970s sitcom. But in this nordic style it looks effortlessly cool and modern. We just wonder how long it took to hang those pictures so perfectly in line.
Once again we see the white, with black accenting palette. These opulent granite work surfaces prove that you don't have to go for all wood in the kitchen to achieve that nordic style. Wood is wonderful, but granite's robustness and easy cleanability gives it an edge when it comes low-maintenance, but this of course comes at a price.
When it comes to bathrooms. Scandinavian interior design embraces the super modern. Walk-in showers, floating vanity units, and stone basins are all go. We love how here some organic materials have been still squeezed into the room to stay true to the style.
Trees are abundant in the nordic regions, with the Scots Pine and Norway Spruce being the most populous varieties. As such these types of wood are present in most Scandi homes. The signature hues of the materials gives a light and airy atmosphere to rooms as well as a general 'clean' feeling. It works excellently with other neutrals as seen in this top floor apartment.