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5 common bathroom design pitfalls to avoid 

5 common bathroom design pitfalls to avoid 

Kevin McCloud, everyone’s favourite home design guru and presenter of Channel 4’s Grand Designs was quoted in an interview that the most important room in the home was the bathroom, stating that you could get by without a bedroom or even a kitchen but the WC was essential. 

If you follow Kevin’s school of thought then this means that planning a bathroom remodel or the construction of an entirely new one is no small feat, and should not be taken on lightly. We’ve spoken much in the past about ways you can improve your bathroom or make it feel more luxurious. But just what are the things that you should avoid doing when renovating your home? 


1. Door placement 

Finding the best position to place the door is one of the most important aspects of bathroom design. While you might think you’ve found the best place to position it for ample flow in the bathroom, it’s also important to consider about outside of it. This is because for example if you’re working on a bathroom adjacent to a living room or dining room you don’t want to position the bathroom door so that people have a clear view in when they’re relaxing or sat eating. Obviously the best way to avoid this issue is to put all bathroom doors in hallways, however of course this isn’t always possible. Therefore finding a place to put the door that is at least partially obstructed visually, from where people are likely to be in the room is a good idea. 


 Photo Credit:  Nicholas Brett . Via Flickr.  CC License

Photo Credit: Nicholas Brett. Via Flickr. CC License

2. Poor lighting 

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider for any room, yet it is so frequently left as an afterthought by many, especially in the bathroom. Remember that a good bathroom should be both luxurious as well as utilitarian. Overhead recessed lighting is a popular choice, but the straight downward shadows it creates can cast dark shadows around the face which can make things like shaving or applying makeup more difficult. 

Some designers therefore recommend also using sconce lighting on the walls around the room to illuminate the bathroom. Consider some ambient lighting as well to create a relaxing atmosphere if you’re the type who likes to wallow in the tub for hours. 


A bright and airy, well ventilated bathroom.

3. Ventilation 

Bathroom ventilation is not just a good idea, buildings inspectors will require it to be installed before they will issue a completion certificate in a newly built bathroom that contains a bath or shower. Without decent ventilation the bathroom, and even the rest of the home can become damp and mouldy. 

It’s therefore important to choose a ventilation system robust enough to tackle how humid your bathroom will get, size isn’t just a consideration think about things like how many people there are in your home, and how hot they like their showers. Ventilation options include electric fans and passive stack varieties. However, an opening window is not considered efficient enough by today’s Building Regulations for washrooms. 


A shower, toilet and bathroom sink.

4. Picking the wrong fittings for your water system 

Most of us love an exhilarating power shower, but before you commit to a model and buy it, you need to work out if it’s suitable for your hot water system. Whether you have a gravity system, mains pressured or combi will effect what makes and models of faucet and shower are suitable for your home. It is best to seek out the advice of a plumber or bathroom expert to ensure you get the right ones. Or you could end up rather disappointed by your impressive looking new shower. 


Trendy bathroom with long, floating, vanity unit.

5. Lack of storage

Storage is a really important aspect of bathroom design. We recommend a selection of open storage, like heated towel rails and hooks for dressing gowns, and closed storage such as vanity units and drawers to hide away spare toilet rolls, cleaning products and all of those other bathroom items that can clutter the space and detract from your chic new bathroom’s design. 

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