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Tips and tricks to improve your utility room

Tips and tricks to improve your utility room

Ok, let’s say it from the outset, unless you like laundry a bit more than most people would consider healthy, the utility room is never going to be your favourite room in the house. It’s in the vary name ‘utility’ by definition this room is practical, functional, in essence not for show. 

Which is odd when you think about it as utility rooms are luxury commodities. In a country with a housing market that puts space at an absolute premium most of us live in homes that are too small to accommodate such a room. Instead being required to cram our washing machines and dryers into the kitchen or elsewhere where they take up valuable room. However, if you find your utility room is getting you down, under-utilised or that it's just a bit grim, try these tips and tricks to change it for the better. 


 Photo by irina88w/iStock / Getty Images

Install a sink 

Many new builds that feature utility or laundry rooms come with a sink, as do the mudrooms of old farm houses and cottages. But, for some reason many midcentury properties miss this crucial feature. Adding a large, deep sink may seem like a bit of a frivolity but it allows you to perform a wealth of new functions in the room. First of all it allows you to clean delicate hand wash only items along with the rest of your laundry, so you can keep your bathroom and kitchen basins free for what they were intended. 

A utility sink also allows you to do all of the messy chores you’d rather not do in the kitchen like giving a muddy dog a bath, gutting fish and scrapping clean welly boots. Keeping the rest of your home pristine. 


Fit some entertainment 

It’s inevitable, especially if you do the ironing there, that you’re going to end up spending a fair amount of time each month in the utility room. This means putting some entertainment to keep you sane could be a good idea. Whether, you’re ironing, scrubbing or doing one of the other less pleasant household chores, you don’t want to feel like you’re an employee of your own home. Wall mounting a small LCD TV or a few bluetooth speakers will make a big difference when it comes to stopping the drudgery getting you down. 


 Photo Credit.  Christian Brothers . Via Flickr.  CC License

Photo Credit. Christian Brothers. Via Flickr. CC License


The utility room doesn’t have to be purely utilitarian, again as with the point above. Putting up a few pieces of artwork will go a long way in making using the space more bearable. If yours features tattered linoleum or bare concrete flooring, and similarly uninteresting walls, having the room plastered, painted and installing a new floor will also make a big difference. 


 Photo Credit:  Dave Dugdale .  License  

Photo Credit: Dave Dugdale. License 

Make it multi-functional 

If you’re struggling with uses for the room then it may be time to consider what other functions it could serve. While, many keep their freezers in the room — if you’re a bit a wine connoisseur they make brilliant wine cellars, all you need is a small wine fridge and a few racks to give the room a new lease on life.  

A modern galley kitchen, with cupboards in the background which could house washing machine and dryer.

If all else fails knock through 

This may sound a little extreme, but think about it. If you hardly ever venture into your boot room and it’s not being used to store a vast array of critical items. It could be best to simply be done with it, knock through and enjoy the kitchen space you gain. 

You’ll be amazed at what difference even a few metres can make to how spacious a room looks and more importantly feels. When planning this consider where you’ll put the washer and dryer. A sunken in crevice with folding doors or shutters is the next best thing to a utility room, allowing you to hide the appliances away from view in the kitchen. 

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