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How to: show your neglected patio some love 

How to: show your neglected patio some love 

We don’t know about you guys, but around our neck of the woods spring certainly seems to be in the process of…springing. If you’re lucky your evening commute may already be traversed solely in daylight. The temperature has been picking up and the days of Saturday afternoons spent relaxing in a pub garden are not far!

So, with these promising signs of the seasons changing, your thoughts might have turned to showing a bit of TLC to the garden. You may have had your hedges pruned and planted all of your summer plants, and perhaps if the weather’s been particularly kind where you are, started regularly mowing the lawn again. 

But what about your patio area? Patios are one of the best assets to have for entertaining and enjoying your outside space in the warmer months. A tranquil oasis to sit and unwind each evening after work with a good book while the kids run around the lawn, then on the weekends they become a great spot to host BBQs and alfresco dinner parties. 

The only trouble is when autumn and winter return and we’re forced inside patios can fall into neglect and become forgotten about, left accumulating leaves and grime, almost to the extent that we forget about them when spring returns. If this sounds like yours then check out these tips to get it ready to enjoy once again.


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Get rid of the grime 

The first step of course to get your patio in order for summer is to give it a good old clean. A winter’s worth of dirt and grime may have accumulated on the stone surface, and decaying leaves could have left a greasy residue potentially leaving it slippery underfoot. 

The most effective and speedy way to do this is with a pressure washer. Don’t waste a weekend with a scrubbing brush and bucket trying to get the patio spotless. A decent pressure washer will make short work of even the largest patio, and you’ll achieve a state of zen watching the stone change hue to a lighter shade as the water removes the layers of dirt. 


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If you have a paved patio that was installed a long time ago, you may find the pointing is looking a little sorry for it self. If so, then having it re-pointed could be a good idea. This may sound like an unnecessary expense, but fresh pointing can work wonders to make an old patio look brand new, and with modern fillers will last a long time before it needs being done again. 


Garden furniture

Focus on furniture

Next get your patio furniture in order, this could be as simple as getting them all out of storage and giving them a clean. But if you’re feeling adventurous or a bit crafty why not give up cycling them a go? A touch of sanding, some painting and applying of protective treatments is a gratifying and surprisingly enjoyable weekend activity. Especially when you look back at the results of your hard graft. 


Pizza oven

Let there be light…and warmth 

Good lighting and heating is a vital component to allow you to use your patio both later into the evening and later on in the season when the weather starts to cool. String lights work fantastically as a way to illuminate patios and decking, creating a whimsical atmosphere with light that’s less harsh than traditional outdoor spotlights. 

When it comes to heating there are a wide range of electric, wood-fired, coal and gas patio heaters, chimeneas and fire pits available. At Opun however, we think one of the best ways to heat a patio is with an outdoor pizza oven. Not only are they a fantastic way to quickly knock up a show stopping alfresco meal they also double up marvellously as patio heaters. 


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