Love dinner parties? Check out these amazing dining spaces

Love dinner parties? Check out these amazing dining spaces

No matter whether you spend weeks painstakingly coming up with a menu to dazzle your guests, with such delights as your signature ‘wild boar terrine with dill pickle aioli and a truffle gel’ or if you’re more a ‘massive bowl of veggie chilli’ person. Dinner parties can be a lot of fun, inviting family and old friends you may not have seen for a while to your house to indulge in good food and a perhaps a little too much booze. 

Of course, an important factor of hosting a good dinner party is creating a nice ambient atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you have a dedicated formal dining room or a kitchen diner, if you’re dining area is lacking, you may be put off of hosting dinner parties.

If so, check out this gallery of gorgeous dining spaces to give you some inspiration on how you could improve yours. 

This formal, verging on gothic, dining room would be a great place to serve up winter warming stews to your guests on frosty evenings. Hanging-Edison bulbs are always a great way to add some contemporary charm to a room, but maybe these are hung a bit TOO low?
Nothing says sophisticated urbanites, quite like midcentury modern furniture. Making this contemporary kitchen diner a great place to wow your friends-from-the-sticks when they come to visit. Bring it up a notch with a suitably 'city-living' choice of main such as sushi or Korean mandoo.
Fun, contemporary and informal. This kitchen diner, has everything you need to host a great diner party. We particularly like the use of multi-coloured chairs, who says you have to stick to a simple colour-scheme?
This tuscan style dining room would be perfect for serving up romantic candle-lit suppers. Some interior designers say that green colour-schemes are a big no-no for dining areas, as the light it reflects can psychologically put us off our food. However, we think that here this earthy green might just be the exception that proves the rule.
This stunning open-plan dining space would be the perfect spot to host a soiree any time of the year. We love mezzanine floors at Opun, and they work particularly well when looking down upon the dining area.
Well, you certainly wouldn't need to do much table dressing in this home to amaze your dinner guests. There is much focus on the concept of the open-plan kitchen diner. But a Living/Dining room can in some instances work much better, as it gives your guests a place to recline after the meal (and prevents them seeing any potential mishaps you might make while prepping the food in the kitchen!) Atriums ceilings are without fail design showstoppers.
A chandelier is wonderful addition for those who want to achieve, a glitzy and glamorous feel for their dining area. When hanging any kind of pendant directly above the table, remember to hang it lower than seems right, you want it to hover just above head height when guests are seated.
This contemporary rustic kitchen diner, makes great use of neutrals and light shades to create a bright and airy space. It looks like a fabulous place to serve a delicious brunch along with a generous pitcher of Bloody Marys on a Saturday before all heading off on an adventure.
This dining room takes influence from the industrial aesthetic of trendy modern restaurants. Retro pendant lights work brilliantly lined up above the dining table, but remember this does mean that you won't be able to move the dining table about as you please any more as it has to be centred beneath the line of lighting. We've never understood exactly why pianos work so well as features in the dining room. But, they just do.
Here the chic modern kitchen and stylish dining furniture, compliment and fit in with this period property rather than juxtaposing with it. This has been achieved by sticking to a simple colour scheme of neutrals and through the use of natural materials throughout.
Trendy restaurants and pop-ups have embraced communal benches, as a way to accommodate more covers without having to bother with taking reservations. They also add a great feeling of informality to home dining areas. We adore the Asian decor items in this room. The dining room has always been a great place to put trinkets and souvenirs from your travels, if nothing else they'll serve as a talking point if there's a lull in conversation during pudding.

This summery dining room, uses brights colour to bring a jovial, youthful atmosphere to a room a while still maintaining all of its Victorian charm. The use of wicker for the chairs, is in keeping with the 'bringing the outside in' trend which has been huge for last few years.