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Install a conservatory in time for summer

Install a conservatory in time for summer

Well, spring is here the inclement weather finally seems to be alleviating, and hopefully warm weather shall soon be the norm. Well, that’s the dream at least, of course British summertimes can feel not too dissimilar from any other season. 

To get the most out of your garden this summer then you might be considering adding a conservatory. Sheltered, cosy and bright a good conservatory is cool in the summer and warm in the winter allowing you to enjoy the picturesque surroundings of your home throughout the entire year. But there's a few other reasons you should consider adding a conservatory to your home too.



You can completely customise it

One of the key reasons homeowners decide against building a conservatory onto their property is they feel that the thick uPVC frames commonly seen on conservatories in the UK will not work with the aesthetic of their home. However, the truth is that conservatories come in a colossal range of material options and styles. 

Weather you go for a traditional wooden framed option to fit with your ancient farm house, or sleek aluminium frames to keep with your hyper-chic contemporary homes, you’ll be able to find a style that you love. What can work particularly well is using materials that differ from the overall aesthetic of your home to accent it, such as by putting a contemporary looking aluminium version on a period property. 


You may not need planning permission 

The idea of going through the planning permission process can seem stressful. While, securing planning permission with the help of a decent designer/builder is actually not often an issue, it still puts many would-be home improvers off of carrying out larger projects on their property. One of the best things about conservatories is the fact that they often do not require planning permission what so ever. 

Unless you live in a Listed property it is unlikely you would need planning permission to add a conservatory. However, as there are a range of stipulations around the size and height for a Permitted Development conservatory, you should check before hand with your builder/designer to make sure your particular extension would not need planning consent. 


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It could boost your home’s market value

Obviously, improving a property will in most cases increase its value. But often homeowners are left wondering what the point of doing so is, if the rate of return is going to be less than the actual cost of the works carried out. 

Conservatories have been ranked as one of the most cost effective methods to boost the market value of a property not only offering of the best ROI but also can be completed in one of the shortest time frames.



Gain space for whatever you like 

Conservatory extensions don’t sure make great dining rooms and lounges, they can be used for a plethora of other things. More and more homeowners who want a hobby room, artist’s studio, office or even home gym are opting for conservatories to fulfil their needs. 

It’s a good idea however before you begin construction to talk to your designer about ways to optimise the new space for its intended purpose. For example, ensuring you get flooring with some sound dampening qualities for a home gym, or that there won’t be too much glare from the windows for a home office.

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