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Home activities to keep the kids busy this Easter 

Home activities to keep the kids busy this Easter 

Whether the kid’s have already broken up for Easter or are about to today, finding activities to keep them occupied over the long break can be a challenge. Especially if you’re planning on having your extended family over for the long weekend. 

Kid’s clubs and the like are all great, but if you’re going to be home with them over the break, then why not save some money and keep them at home? There are plenty of fun activities to keep them occupied that’ll also help you get your home ship shape for any visitors you’ll have over next week! 


Photo by Moncherie/iStock / Getty Images

Create an Easter table setting

Although never a necessity, a centre piece for the dining table is always a nice addition for these special occasions. You’re local florist may have prepared some, and there’s a wealth of options available online, however the best table settings are ones you make yourself, and it’s a great activity for the kids to help with.

Check Pinterest for inspiration there are hundreds of step by step guides to create one. One of our favourites was the topiary Easter egg tree. All you need is a glue gun, some moss (real or artificial) a flower pot, and some card rolled into a cone. Place the cone into the flower pot and cover it in the greenery, get the kids to paint some eggs (either hollowed real ones or again artificial) and glue them sporadically around the tree. 


 Image Source:  Elliott Brown . Via Flickr.  CC License

Image Source: Elliott Brown. Via Flickr. CC License

Plant some sunflowers 

Mid April until the end of May is prime sunflower planting time here in the UK, just check the weather for to make sure the danger of frost has passed. Sunflowers are one of the those slightly kitsch plants that always succeeds in adding cheer to a garden. 

They also make a fun project to carry out with the kids — Plant one sunflower each, and label it with the name of the planter to make a little competition over who can grow theirs the tallest. Just make sure you use the same species to keep it fair! The ‘American Giant’ can reach a whopping four metres while the ‘Big Smile’ variety maxes out at 30cm. Our top tip to keep them safe from slugs and snails is to cut the top and bottom off of a plastic drinks bottle to initially encase the seedling. 


Outdoor furniture on patio

Get the garden furniture ready 

It might seem a little bit like child slave labour… But, kids do love to get mucky so enlisting the young’uns to help you hose down and scrub all of your garden furniture in time for the first barbecue of the season is a sneaky way to take the arduousness out of this task. Let them hose the patio while you sweep away the grime, then give them some sponges and get them to work on the lawn chairs. 

We reckon that about 12 is the age they cotton on that this isn’t actually fun, so utilise them while you can, just don’t expect a surly 16 year old to help you out without some sort of remuneration! 


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Stick them in the kitchen 

With the monumental success of The Great British Bake Off people of all ages have been relishing the opportunity to get into the kitchen and make some delectable treats, and Easter biscuits are an absolute classic that you should serve up for your guests. 

Get the kids involved with the mixing, shaping and decorating. See Mary Berry’s own recipe here. Our advice would be to make twice as many as you think. That way you won’t have to worry about your household consuming them all before your visitors arrive. 

Start your next home improvement this Easter 

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To mark our first birthday, Make Life Easy® is now available on Flipboard

To mark our first birthday, Make Life Easy® is now available on Flipboard