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How to: decorate a bedroom to stay cool on these hot summer nights

How to: decorate a bedroom to stay cool on these hot summer nights

Well, guys. It’s finally here — good weather. Just about every part of the country from north to south has been blessed with plenty of sun rays over the last week. And at the same time the very people who were once moaning about the cold and the rain and now hot are now bothered by the ever soaring mercury. 

No matter if you’re a sun worshiper or you can’t stand the heat, the one thing we’re all likely to agree on is, that there is nothing worse than spending the night tossing and turning trying to get to sleep in a stuffy, hot bedroom. Happily however if you’re thinking of sprucing your bedroom up a tad, there are many simple ways you can decorate a room to keep it cool when the temperature rises, without also making it woefully inefficient at keeping warm in the winter. Here’s our tips: 


 Image Credit: MADE.COM.  Flash Bedding Elephant £59 .

Image Credit: MADE.COM. Flash Bedding Elephant £59.

Cotton is king

While at the first sight of sun most of us consign our heavy winter duvet to the airing cupboard for the summer. What some people also neglect is to swap their silk, satin or polyester sheets for a breathable material, breathable materials are vital to stop your bed getting hot and sticky in the night (the average person sweats a pint of water in their sleep, even more if it’s hot) in terms of wicking away perspiration and keeping you cool cotton, and cotton blends if you can’t be fussed with the creases, are best. 


Bedroom with double glazed windows

Double glaze your windows 

Everybody knows about the fantastic insulating properties of double glazed windows. Stopping all that warm air escaping keeping your home all nice and toasty on cold winter’s evenings, a sound investment in a country like Britain with its often cold. But surely that means that it will also make your bedroom uncomfortably warm on those few weeks where we’re blessed with the sun right? Wrong. 

Double glazing will actually prevent the radiation of heat into your home, with a single pane of glass heat energy causes the glass to vibrate and the heat radiates through into the room. Whereas with double glazing while the external pane of glass will still vibrate, the heat cannot travel through the pocket of inert gas, so the room will stay cool. 


Cool colour schemes 

While there is evidence that painting the outside of a home white will keep it cool. We’re not completely sure if going for a cool colour scheme inside, will really make your room physically cooler, but psychologically it will make it feel so. Cooling colours are also soothing which is why they are just a good choice for the bedroom in general. Don’t think you have to go white though, blues, greens, greys and pastels in any colour are all stellar choices. 


Go for some heavy curtains or blinds 

While double glazing will do a great deal to prevent the outside heat permeating through to the bedroom, it won’t stop all of the UV rays seeping through. While it may seem counterintuitive to block out the windows, it’s a good idea to do so in the day when you’re not in your bedroom. 

Heavy curtains and blinds are the best choice, and avoid blacks or dark colours which will absorb the heat rather than reflect it. 


Hardwood flooring in loft

Embrace hardwood flooring 

In blazingly hot countries it’s rare that you’ll see a fully carpeted room, instead you’re likely to see tiled or marbled flooring throughout the home, with the occasional rug in place for comfort underfoot. 

While this would be complete overkill in the UK, making it freezing much of the year, hardwood flooring is a good compromise between temperature levels, being far warmer than tile but not as insulating as carpet. It’s also easier to clean and better for allergy sufferers, as it won’t trap dust and pollen. On the downside it can be noisy and cold in the winter which is why you may also want to place a rug beneath the bed. 

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