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Give your home a cerebral makeover 

Give your home a cerebral makeover 

Ornaments and trinkets are a simple way, that everyone knows to add some character and beauty to a room. However, we think that often objects that serve some kind of purpose aside from being decorative actually work better than those that do not.

It’s a happy thing when an object, is in of its self beautiful enough to be left out in the open and for it to add to the room’s beauty, rather than make it look like you just haven’t packed away your things after using them. 

Cerebral pursuits — whether you love logical games, create, seek to deepen your knowledge of an area, or have any kind of interest, there’s a good chance you could incorporate it into your home’s interior decor, in a tasteful and interesting manner check out our ideas to give you some inspiration.


 Image credit:  Smithers of Stamford . £58.

Image credit: Smithers of Stamford. £58.

For the bookworms 

While many of us say we love reading more often than not we get distracted from that Man Booker Prize winner we’ve been chugging through for the past month, by say the latest season released on Netflix, or maybe that video game you ‘bought for the kids’…at any rate, reading expands the vocabulary, eases stress, helps you sleep and improves your memory, along with loads of other benefits.

And most of us are likely to have a book collection of some description. However, having the right amount of books can be a fine art, it’s always tricky when you go on a reading binge and suddenly can’t fit those precious hardbacks into the shelf any more, or you don’t have quite enough to fill an expanse, this is where book ends like these ones really come in handing. Adding a lot to room as decorative items in themselves. 


For the virtuosos

Musical instruments have a long history of being used as decorative pieces, from the old hunting horns you find in country pubs, to the electric guitars hanging from teenage boy’s bedroom walls worldwide. 

It bodes well for the musically inclined that there are few ugly instruments, and most of them make a welcome addition to a room. The only thing to remember however, is to make sure that if it’s an instrument you actually play, is to make sure it’s safe from damage wherever you place it — whether that’s safe from moisture and heat, or perhaps just tiny, curious hands belonging to small humans. 

If you really want to bring an air of sophistication and elegance to a room, and you have the space. Go for a piano, if you don’t play it’s almost worth learning just for their aesthetic qualities. 


 Image Credit:  Gravado . €59.

Image Credit: Gravado. €59.

For the children of Bacchus 

While, some people may just say that you "like a drink" they don't understand the philosophy, thought and knowledge that goes into being a true aficionado.

Whether it’s fine wine or whisky or any other tipple that you take an interest in, there’s a range of accessories and paraphernalia which are also tastefully decorative, from mounted cork screws to this globe whiskey decanter.  


Bicycle in bedroom

For the cyclists 

Now, I know we said cerebral. And you might think of cycling as a purely physical activity. But some of the greatest minds of the 20th and 21st centuries have all sung the praises of the humble bicycle. From musical stalwart David Byrne who released his book ‘Bicycle Diaries’ on the subject, to literary legend Ernest Hemingway who said “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and can coast down them”. 

Whether you’re one of the lycra-clad masses, who head out on their carbon fibre frames each week. Love getting muddy on your mountain bike when you can, or you just relish tottering around town on your from A to B. There’s a range of stands and brackets on the market that will allow you to let your trusty steed to double up as a talking point in your hall, kitchen or living room, all the while keeping it safe from the elements and thieves.  


 Image Credit:  Made.com . £149. 

Image Credit: Made.com. £149. 

For the logicians 

Lovers of chess have always had a slight advantage when it comes to their boardgame of choice, in that while a stylishly placed, chessboard set up on a coffee table, or pushed into a corner with two chairs screams sophistication, making visitors think — ‘ah some kind of genius lives here' in a way that games like say…Mousetrap and Buckeroo do not.

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