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Quick, easy, and low-cost ways to spruce up your living room 

Quick, easy, and low-cost ways to spruce up your living room 

The living room, when you think about it, is a bit of an odd space. It’s a room that’s designed to be there for nothing but recreational purposes — it’s job then is to be comfortable and decorative. As a result of this you’d think that this is the place we would focus most of our attention on when trying to spruce up the house. However, what we tend to do more often than not is ignore this room entirely. 

While other areas of the home are persistently bought new pieces of art, furniture and furnishings, we tend to leave the living room as is. We may give it a substantial make-over every five or ten years, but for the rest of the time it sits stagnant and unchanged, which can, after a while, cause members of the household to lose interest in the room somewhat. 

Adding some small, inexpensive items to the room every now and then can really help to brighten the room and add intrigue in the room when it starts to wane as a household space. Here are just a few ideas on what you could do in just one afternoon…

Erect some shelving 

Putting up some shelves is a pretty simple task, that even the most DIY-adverse can pull off, and it’s almost worth it just for the satisfaction you’ll feel once they’re up.

Aside from the handy person kudos you'll get for sticking them up yourself,  shelving obviously allows you to add more decorative elements to the room, and can in themselves be decorative. We’re currently big fans of the asymmetrical positioning of rows of shelves to really draw the eye to a feature of the room. 


Put down a rug 

Rugs vary from the cheap to the eye-wateringly expensive. It’s up to you how much you spend, but don’t just go out and buy one just to have one. Hunt around until you find one that you really love. It sounds dull, but you may also want to consider the practical implications before you make a purchase too. Yes, that crisp white rug would be perfect beneath the coffee table, but if your household includes particularly spill-prone children (or partners) consider how long it will stay crisp and white for. 


Place a chair 

When you think of putting a chair in the living room, your mind might jump to an expensive, large arm chair. However, as practical and decorative objects simple wooden and metal chairs make great pieces of furniture to put in the living room, especially by windows. We’re fond of midcentury style options but even a wicker outdoor chair can work brilliantly. 


Replace the lampshade 

When it comes to the extent of a difference that a small change to a room can make, perhaps there’s no better example than changing a lamp shade. They can picked up from retail stores, charity shops, homemade or bought online and fitted in a matter of seconds and make a colossal difference. 

If your living room features one large central light or a few different pendant lights you’ll find that changing its shade can completely change the atmosphere of the room, changing the lighting and the overall feel. 


Paint a feature wall 

Finally, it’s a perennial favourite among interior designers looking for a simple way to draw attention to a specific portion of a room. Painting a feature wall is another easy, super cheap and fast tricks to rapidly add a dramatic focal point to a room. Chimney breasts are a popular choice but have a think and see if there’s any other wall that might look better in your room. 

Don’t think you have to go for a brash or bold colour, often going for a subtle pale shade or neutral works even better. Be sure to get some sample tins or colour swatches to work out what you would like best. 

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