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4 giant home improvement mistakes and how to avoid them 

4 giant home improvement mistakes and how to avoid them 

Here at Opun, we’re optimists. We’re confident that our service is so quick, friendly and easy for anyone to use that we don’t like to talk about the potential cons of home improvements as we’re sure that you won’t have to put up with any of them with us! However, we do understand that a home improvement going wrong is one of the things which put many homeowners off from trying to transform their house into the place of their dreams. 

So, we scratched our brains for a bit and thought up what we think the biggest mistakes that homeowners can make with regard to renovations and other home improvements, and how you can avoid them. We want to ensure a trouble and stress free project, no matter whether it's big or small. 

Not sorting out the red tape 

Although, within the last 10 years there has been some significant moves to reduce the amount of hoops extenders and other home improvers need to go through, there are still a few things that you should be aware of. 

Many home improvements these days fall under the remit of ‘Permitted Development’ — home improvements that comply with the permitted development guidelines do not need Planning Permission, speeding up the entire project substantially. However, things such as Building Regulations and the Party Wall Act will still need to be adhered to. 

Any good building professional will ensure that your project is compliant with all relevant rules and legislation and that you’ve applied for the things you need to. However, if you’d like to know about these things check this blog article


Choosing the wrong job for what you want to do with your home 

You really need to consider your motives behind the specific home improvement you want to carry out, before you let work commence. For example, if you’re actually looking to carry out some work on your property as an investment to increase its market value, it’s a good idea to look at which home improvements tend to offer the best rate of return in your area, rather than what you just think would be good for the house.

Conservatories tend to be popular countrywide, whereas it’s rare for outdoor swimming pools and 6th bedrooms to do much to increase a home’s value compared to the cost of installation.

On the other hand, if you love your home and don't think you will be moving any time soon, then throw caution to the wind and go for the home improvements that you truly want to make your house even better.


Not planning 

No, we don’t mean planning permission again, or getting architect’s plans drawn up. We’re talking about the personal logistics of your household. Consider the time frames of different jobs and plan them around what you’re going to be doing. For example, if you’re considering having the downstairs loo renovated, maybe ensure you have it done at a time when you don’t have an army of in-laws coming to stay, so you know that it won’t be out of action. Get things like patios and decking fitted in the cooler months so that the garden’s primed and ready for BBQ season. 


Not using reputable tradespeople 

This is rightfully the biggest concern of any would-be home improver. Ensuring that the people you get to carry out the work, are the right people should be your top priority.

Nobody wants to worry that they’re paying over the odds for either the labour or the parts and materials. Nor do you want to worry that the tradespeople will do a slap dash job, have the wrong insurance or otherwise make your life difficult.

The best way to avoid this? Give Opun a try. Each and every one of the Trade Partners we work with has been painstakingly vetted and approved. To make sure that they are up to the highest standard, we take copies of all their insurance documents. And when the job's finished we supply a 5 year warranty on all work completed through us, so you really have no need to worry. 

Avoid all these problems with Opun 

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