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Should it stay or should it go? Bathroom fixtures and fittings

Should it stay or should it go? Bathroom fixtures and fittings

When it comes to sprucing up a bathroom, sticking to any kind of sensible budget can be a nightmare, especially if you’ve been inspired by a bold vision or a grand design. But one simple thing to remember is that no one’s forcing you to rip out every single fixture and fitting and start from scratch.

If you want some new tiling, faucets and a bath, what’s the point of throwing out the toilet and basin if they’re still serviceable and looking good? Of course, the temptation might be to go the whole hog, especially since you’ve got the builders coming in; but by reusing existing fittings,  you could save a small fortune. To help you decide if anything stays, here are a few things to consider…


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Is it damaged?

We don’t mean broken because that’s a no brainer – rip it out. We mean damaged, as in visible chips, cracks or dents. If any fixture or fitting shows more tear than wear, it’s probably worth replacing. Porcelain’s almost impossible to repair well, so if it’s damaged now, it’s likely to stay that way for eternity unless replaced.


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Does it look grubby, even when clean?

You know how it is, you spend hours scrubbing the bathtub, working on a tap’s limescale or messing with black spots on the grouting and they all still look bad. Some bathroom fixtures and fittings can tarnish and stain with age, which means they look dirty even when they’re technically spotless. If this sounds like parts of your bathroom, think about swapping them for a new one while the tradesmen are in your house.


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Is it aesthetically just wrong?

This is something that can be hard to visualise before work has begun but even if an existing item looks pristine and works perfectly fine, it could clash with your bathroom’s new look. For example, a glamorous new gold-plated tap paired with an old Victorian basin. It boils down to a matter of taste, of course, but not everything goes with everything else.


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Does it take up too much space?

If your bathroom is particularly small, maximising all available space can become a priority. To help with this, there’s an ever-expanding range of space-saving toilets and sinks on the market that fit into even the tightest nook or cranny.

Items with small footprints will make your bathroom feel roomier and may even free up enough area to fit in an extra feature that you never thought was possible –  a separate bath and shower rather than a two-in-one unit, for example.

Is it inefficient?

Finally, you should consider the efficiency and environmental impact of your bathroom fixtures and fittings. Modern toilets use less water than old ones, new extractor fans are better at reducing humidity and modern power showers are simply better all-round. If you’re finding that the performance of any item leaves you wanting more, now’s the time to check out what else is on the market.

No matter whether you're looking to add new flooring to your bathroom, or perhaps fit a new bath. Whatever changes you are thinking of making, it's a good time to consider other improvements you'd like to make in the room, just remember you don't have to rip out every element and start again...unless you want too!

Thinking of making a change to your bathroom?

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