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Give your conservatory a new lease of life

Give your conservatory a new lease of life

If you have an older conservatory attached to your home, the dead of winter may be the time when it sees little to no use. While it may have been installed with the intention of allowing you to look out on your garden all year, over time it may have become a draughty bleak spot that remains empty outside of the spring and summer months. 

If this sounds like yours, this winter could be the perfect time to rejuvenate it. So that it becomes  a bright, airy and warm place that can be used at any time of the year. Here are a few suggestions on what you could do to itโ€ฆ

tiled roof conservatory.jpg

Give it a tiled roof 

While it may sound drastic, replacing a traditional conservatory roof with a tiled one, is a sure fire way to increase your conservatoryโ€™s thermal efficiency. Tiled roofs can be added to an existing conservatory that will seamlessly match the style and character of the rest of your home. Or you may want to stand out and create a stunning architectural feature, such as fitting an ultra-modern looking roof to conservatory on a period property that juxtaposes and complements the existing architectural features. 

While a certain amount of natural light, that floods in during daylight hours will be lost by fitting a tailed roof, this can be circumvented by fitting a skylight that will let in comparable amounts. 

flooring conservatory.jpg

Refresh the flooring

After looking up at your ceiling, the next logical place to look is down. As heat rises, your choice of flooring is unlikely to be one of the key causes of heat loss when it comes to a conservatory. A tarnished, stained or cracked floor, however,  is going to be a key reason why your conservatory looks drab, particularly in the bleak midwinter. 

Polished concrete, tile, stone flagging and lino are all great choices for a conservatory. If you do decide to fit new flooring, itโ€™s a great idea to consider also adding underfloor heating, to keep the room toasty throughout the winter, in a highly energy-efficient manner.


A new purpose 

Of course, there might not be anything wrong with your conservatory per se. It could be warm, bright and airy throughout the year. The problem could be that the arrangement of the room no longer  suits your needs, or perhaps it never did to begin with. 

It could be a home office you realised you donโ€™t really have a use for, a home gym where equipment simply sits gathering dust, or one of those rooms which don't really have a purpose. Remember, if you donโ€™t have any real reason to visit a room, itโ€™s unlikely that you ever will. 

Be honest with yourself, if you donโ€™t think youโ€™re ever going to use that home gym it could be a good idea to utilise this wasted space by repurposing the room into something that is likely to see a little more use. It could be a TV room for the kids, a formal dining room or even a hobby room. Giving a room a new purpose is certain to give it new life. 


Fix the decor

It might seem obvious, but when thereโ€™s something wrong with a room that you canโ€™t quite put your finger on, there is a good chance it's the decor or colour scheme  that puts you off it. 

Conservatories tend to become a mismatch of colours and items as homeowners are often reluctant to buy furniture and furnishings specifically for it. Instead, itโ€™s easier and more cost effective to fish out different items from other rooms of the home (as well as the attic and garage) to fill it. While thereโ€™s nothing wrong with this, if itโ€™s resulted in a room where everything clashes, in a way your eyes canโ€™t stand. It may be worth spending a bit of cash on some new decor and furnishings. 


Optimising your conservatory for year long use

Your conservatory should be a room that you can enjoy all year round. If it lays dormant for months on end, think creatively and you'll be able to transform it into a room you never want to leave, no matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter. 



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