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Get your home ready for spring 2018

Get your home ready for spring 2018

As we’re all shivering through the middle of February, with the fun of Christmas and New Year’s Eve a distant memory and summer still months away, it’s easy to feel a little down in the dumps. But don’t be glum. Spring is just around the corner and daffodils are already starting to sprout in the South West counties of England.

Warmer, longer days are on the way, making now the perfect time to get your home ready for spring. Your home’s decor’s a great place to start, so here are five trends that have been tipped to be popular for Spring 2018…



Banish the thought of the flimsy, functional plastic and fabric gazebo you take on camping holidays. While they’re perfect for keeping you out of sunshine and showers, there’s always that constant fear that a gust of wind might send yours sailing across the field!

For your garden, we’d suggest one of the more substantial models available these days. Fastened securely to hard or soft ground, most can be erected and packed away relatively easily, giving you plenty of options for your garden space. A gazebo in the garden can be perfect for hot tubs, barbecues, or  just lounging around on a sunny spring afternoon.


 Credit:  Cult   Furniture

Dark woods

Pale woods have been a dominant feature of interior design for decades now thanks to the enduring charm of scandi-cool interiors. However, more and more interior designers are suggesting that we’re seeing a return of dark woods around the home. While that might sound a bit old fashioned to whole generations raised on IKEA and Habitat, hard woods used in a contemporary setting can create striking and thoroughly modern feeling accents. Next time you’re out shopping, have a look at an ebony table or dark walnut kitchen cabinets and consider how they’d look in your home.


 Credit:  Ian Snow Ltd

Indian Inspiration 

There’s usually a global flavour of the month in interior design and John Lewis and other brands are currently taking influence from the diverse cities of India, with particular attention paid to the state of Rajasthan. India’s exoticism has left a lasting impression on the worlds of music, art and design, so there’s no need to worry that a few Indian motifs around your house will ever go out of style. For extra kudos, try to source some authentic items made in India. Not only will they look great, they’ll also be cheaper and better made too.


Ice cream hues

You might not believe it but ice cream shades are in this spring and will make a beautiful addition to any room of the house. Think about gentle pastel tones — the pale pink of strawberry ice cream or that calming duck egg shade particular to mint ice cream, and, of course, that ever popular vanilla off white. Consider your favourite flavour of ice cream and how you might be able to incorporate its colour into your home.


 Credit:  AUDENZA


Ombre furnishings

It’s been one of the most popular trends in women’s hairstyling for years but now it’s permeating into the world of interior design. From throws and rugs to cushions, ombre patterns are a fantastic way to add a little intrigue to your bed or living room.

Don't be caught out by spring

February is a great time to get started on work so that it will be ready when spring finally lets you throw open some doors and windows. Whether it’s purchasing some new furniture, adding a fresh lick of paint or a total renovation, shrug off those winter blues and get stuck in!


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