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5 hidden benefits of a kitchen seating area

5 hidden benefits of a kitchen seating area

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a farmhouse with a sprawling country kitchen or a city centre flat with a minuscule kitchenette. Wherever you cook, you really should try your very best to squeeze in some seating. Whether it’s a couple of stools that transform one end of the island into a breakfast nook, a tiny bistro set or a full dining table and chairs if you’re blessed with a larger kitchen, having somewhere to sit down and eat is fairly fundamental.

Adding seating to the kitchen makes this room far more practical, versatile and sociable. Here are five reasons why you should think about making that change…



A recent report found that half of us regularly skip breakfast before heading out to work in the morning, with the majority of people doing so saying they felt too pressed for time, or too anxious about their day, to eat in the morning. And none of that previous sentence bodes well for the health of the nation.

Since everyone needs a nourishing breakfast to set themselves up for another busy day, the first step is to make breakfast an enjoyable event worth waking up for. A kitchen seating area can be your secret weapon in this fight as it allows you to quickly prepare something and then settle down in a comfortable spot as soon as it’s ready.

Even if you’re rushed, anyone can still grab themselves a bowl of muesli, a slice of toast or a piece of fruit to go with their morning coffee. Stick the radio on, ignore your phone and just take five blissful minutes for yourself at the kitchen table each morning and you'll soon see an extra spring in your step.

Midweek meals 

There’s something intrinsically bleak about the words ‘midweek meal’. Despite being a regularly used term in every newspaper’s lifestyle section, it still evokes images of worn out, isolated individuals wolfing down bland, beige meals in front of their television or laptop. Midweek meal equates to ‘necessary nutrition’, not ‘pleasurable dining’.

Yet a small kitchen dining area, even if it’s just a tiny bistro table and a few folding chairs, can revolutionise the midweek meal. Maybe you’re too busy to make up the dining room table every evening and have everyone gather round. But it doesn’t take much effort to chuck down some cutlery, pass round some empty plates and tell everyone to “Help yourselves!”

Having the whole household eat together in the kitchen gives everyone a 20-minute break from screens, TV and social media as well as the stresses of exam revision or work emails. It also gives you all a chance to gather round, have a catchup up, and talk without distraction. You know… actual face time rather than FaceTime. 



No more kitchen loneliness

It doesn’t matter if you love to cook – if you end up doing it every night while the rest of the house hides in their rooms or the living room, it can get a little lonely. Having some kitchen seating encourages other members of your household to come in and chat with you while you slave over that hot stove. 

Create a great place to work 

There’s a certain quality about kitchens that make them wonderful places to just get on with work without procrastinating, particularly in the mornings. Whether you’re a full-time freelancer, have a flexible working arrangement that gives you one day a week out of the office or just need to finally pay all those utility bills, the kitchen table can be the perfect clutter-free, distraction-free environment to get things done. 

Working from your kitchen could even make you more successful. It’s where both Jo Malone and GoCompare were created by their founders!


A place to gather round

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you’re having a huge party or a few friends round for a glass of wine – the kitchen is where everyone loves to congregate. Perhaps it’s because it’s the heart of the home, or maybe it’s just because it’s where all the food and booze is kept. Either way, putting some seating in the kitchen means that guests won’t have to awkwardly lean against the fridge as they chat. 

Social and practical

Ultimately, a kitchen seating area adds both social and practical benefits to your home. By adding a seating area you are more likely to make healthy choices that give you the energy to tackle the day ahead. As well as this, just by putting in a few seats in your kitchen, you encourage family and friends to come together and share a key time of their day with each other. This just goes to show that adding some simple seats in your kitchen can lead to tangible improvements in your daily life. 

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