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Could it be time to extend your home with a tiled-roof conservatory?

Could it be time to extend your home with a tiled-roof conservatory?

Many of us would like a bit more space around the home. Whether youโ€™d like to make the kitchen a little less pokey, gain a formal dining room, or just have a little retreat you can escape to. You might have been considering extending either with a traditional glass conservatory or a full on bricks and mortar extension, you may not have considered however, the advantages of opting for a tiled roof conservatory. 

Conservatories have been popular improvements among homeowners for generations. Bright and airy, with their rapid construction times and low construction costs they are frequently sighted in surveys and polls to be the most effective means to boost the market value of a house. But of course their biggest selling point is that they allow homeowners to enjoy the sights and sounds of their garden year-round, no matter the weather.  

Tiled roof conservatories come with all of the advantages of a regular conservatory, but with a few added benefits:  

 Image Credit:  Lee Simpson . Via Flickr.  CC   License

Image Credit: Lee Simpson. Via Flickr. CC License


A tiled roof affords the room more privacy, this makes them better choices for instances where you plan on using the new space for things where you where wonโ€™t have to worry about the distraction of outside eyes peeking in such as making the space a home gym, meditation space or office. A solid roof will also mean that you wonโ€™t have to worry so much about glare coming in or the sound of rain hammering down upon a glass roof while you are trying to work. 


โ€œToo cold in the winter, too hot in the summerโ€ โ€” In the past, this was the chief complaint attributed to a conservatory room. While advances in insulating technology mean that today most modern glass roofed conservatories do not suffer from this problem, tiled roofs are even more thermo-efficient, helping to keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This means it could even save you a bit of cash on your utility bills. 

An extension with skylights


Tiling a conservatory also affords you the ability to customise your new room so it matches your existing home. Whether you place the extension at the back or to the side of your home itโ€™s almost possible to make a new conservatory look like it was built at the same time as the rest of the property. Inside for instance if you are adding a conservatory extension on to your kitchen you can establish a feeling of flow between the two areas by keeping the ceiling and lighting consistent, perhaps with an atrium window in the new area to brighten the space. Externally the same style of brick and tile to perfectly match your home. 


When it comes to construction of a tiledโ€”roof conservatory you have the exact same choice of materials as you would with a standard one. UPVC frames are the most popular choice in the UK and are now available in a variety of colours and effects for those who wish to avoid that classic white-framed look. Aluminium frames are equally low-maintenance and robust but can be made much thiner than UPVC giving a chic, modern, seamless appearance to a conservatory. 

Timber frames are a great choice for older properties, and for those who would like to maintain an authentic old-fashioned look. However, they do require a bit more regular maintenance to keep in tip top condition. 

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